The road to freedom: reflections on 6 months as a freelancer

I was reading Paul Sutton’s reflections on being freelance for a month and nodding vigorously. I started to write a comment and realised it was morphing into a post on it’s own. So, here are my reflections on having been freelance for almost 6 months. Freedom The sense of freedom is still strong at this point. It’s really hard to describe… Read more →


2015 reading challenge

For the past two years, I’ve undertaken a Goodreads’ Reading Challenge for the year. I failed in 2013, reading just 41 out of 52 books. I set the same goal for 2014, and succeeded! I was helped along the way with some graphic novel collections alternated with some epically long novels. So for 2015 I wanted to try something a… Read more →

WWI photo of Arthur Kempster

Remembering: World War I family history

There were four brothers: Arthur (my grandfather), Benjamin, Geoffrey and Albert. All born in Preston near Faversham, in a very poor working class family. Interestingly, having lived all over the world, I myself now live in Faversham where all this started. I know small two up/two down they lived in. I never met any of these men, but they have… Read more →

It’s time for a new challenge

I’ve had a fantastic time working for dxw over the last year, but the time has come for me to move on to new challenges. I’ll be leaving dxw at the end of August. I’ve been privileged to work on over 20 great projects in the last year. A few that really stand out in my mind include the National Planning Guidance… Read more →