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*Updated to slightly reframe post…*

I’m awake far too early on a Sunday morning but have just been involved in a really interesting Twitter conversation about the correct use of MTs and giving attribution on Twitter this morning. That and other recent tweets grumbling (rightly) about a few things, I thought I’d jot down this quick list of 10 Twitter annoyances I have.

I don’t write this as a general rant/moan, but with a genuine desire to want to help people engage better via Twitter (and other social media channels)

  1. auto-tweeting only from so-called personal account. Robo-person! Chances are we already follow the organisation you are auto-tweeting.  Value added comes not from auto-tweeting or blindly retweeting, but from adding in your own thoughts.
  2. – does anyone read these? Did anyone ever read these?
  3. Making me validate me following you – True Twit. It’s just annoying!
  4. over use of DMing – the point of twitter is to have conversations in public. Much of what gets DM-ed to me can be said in public
  5. not giving credit to original tweeter – idea stealing. This is basically plagiarism, no different than if you were writing a paper at school/university. Its wrong. And rude. Use MT properly…the lovely George has some great tips on this subject. Or use HT or ‘via @’ to give credit.
  6. Weekly public reporting of your twitter stats – ego much?
  7. Engage, don’t broadcast – it’s all about two way conversation. Feeling nervous? Take it slow. I’m not saying you have to jump right in and be a chatter-bug.
  8. #bios #full of #hashtags – be human! We aren’t hashtags, we are who we are through how we act, our passions and loves.
  9. Egg photos – if you can’t take the 20 seconds to change your photo to anything other than the egg, why are you here?
  10. Rules of engagement – don’t set out long winded rules of who you will and won’t talk to or try to dictate how others should interact with you.

All of this is about not being genuine, a real person. And these rules hold jut as true for corporate accounts as personal account

What other tips do you have for those wanting to do Twitter ‘better’?

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