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There IS a future for digital comms teams

I took part in on a great session at #ukgc13 run by Julia Chandler on the future of digital comms teams. Julia has also written up some notes from her session and there is a link to her full notes there too.

This subject seems to be coming up a lot lately in conversations and others have been blogging on the subject – see Dan Slee’s excellent post on this topic.

Many people are suggesting that digital comms specialists and teams will disappear in (soonest) two years or five years or ten years.

I’ll set my stall out now. I think this is a load of crap. The same question can be asked of comms teams in general. And I don’t see those going anywhere. Ever.

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*Updated to slightly reframe post…* I’m awake far too early on a Sunday morning but have just been involved in a really interesting Twitter conversation about the correct use of MTs and giving attribution on Twitter this morning. That and other recent tweets grumbling (rightly) about a few things, I thought I’d jot down this quick list of 10 Twitter annoyances I have. I don’t write this as a general rant/moan, but with a genuine desire to want to help people engage better via Twitter (and other social media channels) auto-tweeting only from so-called personal account. Robo-person! Chances are we…

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21 observations from an organiser of CommsCamp13

Slowly coming back from the dead after running my first unconference, the AMAZING CommsCamp13.  Some things I learned: Expect crazy anxiety dreams the night before the event Stop being a perfectionist Charity cake tables are a fantastic addition to an unconference. We need to look at how to increase inclusivity at unconferences. Inclusivity of newbies, women, personality types. Nervousness at participating in pitching isn’t just about gender I could probably talk to Catherine from Public-i forever Local gov comms people are afraid of central gov comms people. Central gov comms people are afraid of local gov comms people. We need…

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Busy bee

How exciting to get to use a picture of a dog in a bee costume in a blog post!

I am an extremely busy bee at the moment both at work and at home. And the two seem to be blending more and more and more.

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And or neither nor: press and digital in 2012

I attended a fab off-grid get-together this afternoon of a mix of digital and press folk in government today. Very honoured to have been included.

We looked at what is working well, what isn’t and what the perfect future might look like. A lot of interesting discussions and models for the future. Really got my brain buzzing on a Friday afternoon….

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It is safe to say I’m not very good at finishing projects I start. Not exactly a completer/finisher; at least not in a personal capacity. I can think back over the years to musical instruments learned and dropped; other knitting and sewing projects not finished; the amount of paints, paper and pencils around not used to their full extent. This poor blog is another case in point – a rather pathetic number of posts and nothing for 2 months!  I’m trying to push myself to do better than this. So expect some rather inane posts about rather inane subjects (not always!) but just wanting to get myself back into it. I need to practice my writing again.

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