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It’s time for a new challenge

I’ve had a fantastic time working for dxw over the last year, but the time has come for me to move on to new challenges. I’ll be leaving dxw at the end of August.

I’ve been privileged to work on over 20 great projects in the last year. A few that really stand out in my mind include the National Planning Guidance Policy Framework. From ministerial level down, everyone on the project was completely bought into agile, user needs & testing, from the very beginning. The site is now on its second iteration and providing important planning information in a digital-first way.

With the Consumer Council for Water, we delivered a fast, modern, user focussed site that delivered a big cost-savings for our client. I’ve worked with GDS on improvements to their platform. I’ve worked on the award winning GREAT Business site and am currently working with BIS on the next iteration of that site. I’ve worked with Defra, Communities and Local Government and the Department of Health on their intranets. And I’ve been involved with two great projects for Thames Valley Housing; their corporate website and their new online customer services platform.

I’ve been involved with dxw for over four years, three years as a client and a year as an employee. The team at dxw have been brilliant to work with – a super smart team of developers and ops and designers all working hard day in and day out to deliver products focused on the needs of users. It’s going to be sad to leave the team, and also our clients, who are all dedicated public servants, always striving to deliver the best products for the public.

dxw will shortly be hiring two new delivery manager (and some other fab posts). It’s a really really great place to work, if delivery management is your game, do keep an eye out on the dxw site for more details.

My side projects

I have also stepped aside from my organising role with CommsCamp this year, but I leave that to the very safe hands of Dan, Darren and Emma. I know they’ll make this year’s event as fabulous as last year’s was.

I will continue to run 300 Seconds events with Sharon, and I’m hoping that this change will give me more time to focus on this. I think we’re doing really valuable work with 300 Seconds and I think there is even more we could do.

What’s next?

I have no concrete plans yet – but I am exploring the idea of a complete career change. All very exciting and scary and exciting all over again.

First though, I’m going to go lie on a sun lounger in Santorini for a week in September…

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