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It’s gotten dusty again

For all my promises in August (*hangs head in shame*), I’ve allowed things to get dusty again.


My excuse? I’ve not had anything to talk about. Workwise, we’ve been going thorugh a massive change programme, which has ended with the Central Office of Information, sadly, closing after 66 years of stellar work, last week.  We’ve got a new management structure in place internally and now things are all go-go-go with the GCN website and planning for the next year.

You can see this previous post  from last year as to what has come before.  GCN was the first UK Civil Service site to use Buddypress and we have just past our year mark on the platform and I’ve certainly learned a heck of a lot!

What’s next?

Big changes afoot! I’ve been fighting hard for over two years to get some of these changes to happen and it’s finally going to happen. Its really rather exciting!  More in-depth in future blogs but for now, a quick summary.

Opening up

We’re throwing the doors open on most of the GCN site. Previously it’s been a totally closed site only open to Civil Servants. We want to share the expertise held across goverment to those working in comms outside – be that the private sector, voluntary or the wider public sector.  I’m super-excited to open up to the Local Government and NHS communities – I know so much good has been happening here for year. We’re looking forward to sharing and joining up. If you are interested in exploring how we might all work together please get int touch.

The vast majority of our content is being reviewed and updated and will be available to all.

We’re still going to keep a small part of the site closed to members to carry on discussions about specific comms issues and advice. But we’re widening who our members can be to include the wider public sector (local councils, police, fire service etc) as well as NHS communicators.


It’s been a long time in the coming but GCN is finally fully embracing social media. We’ve already started tweeting again at @ukgovcomms

I’m currently looking into how we can best engage via LinkedIn and possibly Facebook too.

With a renewed events programme, I’m planning a lot of live tweeting, follow up blog posts and other ways we can spread the content from these events.

I’m also mulling over how we can best use Flickr to help support government communications. Any ideas on this one – please get in touch with me!

Internally, I’ll be leading a new engagement plan within GCN to really get the community going again.

Digital skills

I’ll also be working on part of the long-overdue update of the GCN Core Skills – a specialist communications skills framework designed to sit alongside Professional Skills for Government. I’ve been asked to lead the social media/digital section and look forward to working closely with colleagues in departments and in the Government Digital Service on getting these just right.

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