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A tentative step

I spent all weekend setting up this lovely blog – picking a theme, changing it, changing it back, repeat ad nauseum.  Then going through hundreds of my own photos for the header, changing it, changing it back again, and again.  Feeling happy with it now as a first attempt.  Let me know your thoughts below.

Now I’ve been stuck with the hard part of trying to find some inspiration to start writing. So I’m just forcing myself to do this quick intro and post a photo to get myself started.

I’m imagining at the moment I’ll be doing a lot of blogging around photos, music, books, art and the like.  As well as more mundane day to day ramblings – many of you reading this may be familiar with my horrible luck with dating, some of you may even be aware of what I do in my day job (something I might actually start talking about for a change!)

So here is a photo from a great day out I had in early March with my lovely friend Lizetta.  It was a rainy, yet warm day.  One of the last days I’d be out walking around in the fresh air before I had major foot surgery a few weeks later.

Lizetta lives in South London and very kindly agreed to cross the river to spend a few hours wandering around the amazing Abney Park Cemetery.  If you’ve never been, it’s well worth a day out.  And it is where Amy Winehouse filmed the video for Back to Black.

It’s not an ‘active’ cemetery any more – I think it stopped in the 1970s.  It has been left to go wild to great effect.  Grave stones are tumbling over, ivy is creeping over everything.  The day we were there, daffodils and trees were just starting to bloom, it was raining and water was dripping off every surface.

Jumbled gravestones

The afternoon was rounded off with a few pints and a heavenly lunch at the Three Crowns pub in Stoke Newington – worth a visit if you are in that neck of the woods…

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  1. juliac2 juliac2

    Hi Ann,
    Have fun with wordpress. I like your theme and first post 🙂

  2. Seb Seb

    One down, thousands to come (I hope).

    Remember to use categories as well as tags, they’re your friends and you can do stuff with them.

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