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It is safe to say I’m not very good at finishing projects I start. Not exactly a completer/finisher; at least not in a personal capacity. I can think back over the years to musical instruments learned and dropped; other knitting and sewing projects not finished; the amount of paints, paper and pencils around not used to their full extent. This poor blog is another case in point – a rather pathetic number of posts and nothing for 2 months!  I’m trying to push myself to do better than this. So expect some rather inane posts about rather inane subjects (not always!) but just wanting to get myself back into it. I need to practice my writing again.

Case in point, about 9 months ago, I started making a cushion. It was an attempt to get back into knitting after a few years of downed needles and partly to find something to do with myself while I was immobile following a pretty big foot operation.  I whipped it up quickly with 3 odd balls of yarn I had in the basket…stockinette stitch so it flew together. And I just love the colour combination of greys and the acidy green.

Then came the part where I had to sew it together. And sew the inner cushion, stuff it and sew it all together. Well, today I FINALLY forced myself to do it. Only took about an hour. Got the sewing machine out and even remembered how to wind a bobbin and thread the needle and get it all working right.

Completed cushion in all its glory

Its in no way perfect, dropped stitches, sew together with uneven stitches and random colour yarn that shows through on one seam. But all in all I’m quite pleased with the result. And mostly pleased with myself for finishing it. I’m sat on the couch writing this with the cushion behind me and it’s pretty darn comfortable!

Now to drag out the fabric with cut out pattern pinned together and make a summer dress…might be ready for summer 2012….

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