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2015 reading challenge

For the past two years, I’ve undertaken a Goodreads’ Reading Challenge for the year. I failed in 2013, reading just 41 out of 52 books. I set the same goal for 2014, and succeeded! I was helped along the way with some graphic novel collections alternated with some epically long novels. So for 2015 I wanted to try something a little different. I’ve come up with the idea of still reading 52 books in 52 weeks, I know it is doable – especially with plenty of holidays planned for the year. So of my 52 books for 2015, 12 of…

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It’s time for a new challenge

I’ve had a fantastic time working for dxw over the last year, but the time has come for me to move on to new challenges. I’ll be leaving dxw at the end of August. I’ve been privileged to work on over 20 great projects in the last year. A few that really stand out in my mind include the National Planning Guidance Policy Framework. From ministerial level down, everyone on the project was completely bought into agile, user needs & testing, from the very beginning. The site is now on its second iteration and providing important planning information in a digital-first way.…

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My year in books


At the beginning of 2013 I joined Goodreads and joined their reading challenge. Initially I got a bit carried away and signed up to read 100 books in 52 weeks. Once I sat down and did the maths, I realised that I’d have to quit my job and live off fresh air if I was going to reach that target.

I soon snapped back to reality and set myself a slightly more realistic target of 52 books in 52 weeks, one a week. I got close, but fell short of the mark.

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Busy bee

How exciting to get to use a picture of a dog in a bee costume in a blog post!

I am an extremely busy bee at the moment both at work and at home. And the two seem to be blending more and more and more.

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It is safe to say I’m not very good at finishing projects I start. Not exactly a completer/finisher; at least not in a personal capacity. I can think back over the years to musical instruments learned and dropped; other knitting and sewing projects not finished; the amount of paints, paper and pencils around not used to their full extent. This poor blog is another case in point – a rather pathetic number of posts and nothing for 2 months!  I’m trying to push myself to do better than this. So expect some rather inane posts about rather inane subjects (not always!) but just wanting to get myself back into it. I need to practice my writing again.

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A tentative step

I spent all weekend setting up this lovely blog – picking a theme, changing it, changing it back, repeat ad nauseum.  Then going through hundreds of my own photos for the header, changing it, changing it back again, and again.  Feeling happy with it now as a first attempt.  Let me know your thoughts below.