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Busy bee

How exciting to get to use a picture of a dog in a bee costume in a blog post!

I am an extremely busy bee at the moment both at work and at home. And the two seem to be blending more and more and more.

Example one is this – you are visiting me on my new site on my very own domain. It’s taken me a while to get it sorted between holidays work and other things. But I’ve done it. And with only one support ticket raised to my hosting company. 🙂

I felt limiteDog in bee costume d by and as I use WordPress in my work life, I thought I’d better have a bett understanding of how it all works behind the scenes so to speak.

This is phase one – moving the blog from to here. Phase two will take a bit longer, but will be a separate site for my photography. I’ll continue to use Flickr for the bulk of my stuff but I wanted a place to nicely showcase some of my better work.

The trick will be finding the time to write all the stuff I now have brewing in my head.

Example two, work. I just relaunched the Government Communication Network website to the public two weeks ago.  No rest here – moving onto the next iteration (design and some functionality) whilst also trying to double the volume of content on the site by September.

Which leads into example three.  Very excited to be working with the fabulous Dan Slee. We’re looking at how we can share content and resources between GCN and comms2point0, which I hope will also have the added bonus of bring central gov comms and local gov comms folk closer together.  And then add to that a soon to launch new public sector comms network on The Guardian’s Public Leader’s Network. Very exciting stuff.

And there is a fourth one…but if I told you I’d have to kill you. All will be revealed soon!!

And finally, all this would be a bit manageable if my house wasn’t a permanent building site and basically utter chaos. Having my floors redone, roof fixed…never ending joys of home ownership.

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