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A history of the defence

A (non-comprehensive) list of blogs, songs and visual material made in defence of our Baskers. Please add in comments all that I have missed.


Honestlyreal – Baskers

Public Strategist – Getting Social with Media

A Shiny World  – Little Bird Tweeting

TechCrunch (Mike Butcher) – Who breaks a Twitterer upon a wheel

Indie Disco – Journalism?  Opportunism.

Intercourse with Biscuits – Quentin Letts & @baskers: when tendentious prigs attack

Adrian Short – Fisked:  Quentin Letts on Sarah Baskerville

Latte Labour – Defenestrating the defenestrator

Phil Bradley’s weblog:  Why the press hate Twitter

Daffydd Vaughan:  Attack on @baskers and the public sector

Stuart J North:  Baskers

Redundant Public Servant: In which I wonder if this twit should stop tweeting too …

Peter Sigrist: Another step towards media disorder

Kate Spiers:  Reaction to @baskers: A Clear Call To Action For Social Media Policy

Bryony  Taylor:  I tweet therefore I am? #welovebaskers

Patrick J Butler in the Guardian:  Baskers-gate: time for the media abuse of public servants to stop

Dominic Gettins:   We really need to talk about Quentin Letts

Flip Chart Fairy Tales:  Sarah Baskerville and the hounding of the public sector

SoloBassSteve:  What happens when ‘they’ don’t get social media? Why the bullying of Baskers matters

Public Strategist:  Social and Civil – Public Strategist Reaches 500


Primeval Mudd:  Hounding the Baskerville


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  1. […] trying to maintain a list of all the blogs, posters and songs that are being done in Sarah’s honour.  I’ve missed anything please add as a comment […]

  2. Although I only made an oblique reference (to avoid the DM getting more click credits), I also supported: The difference between bigotry and banter

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