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2017 in 12 photographs


January brought us Trump and  wave of early protests. Proud to have joined in several of them. This was the first and biggest – the 21 January Women’s March. It was great to go with friends and my husband-to-be.

Several more marches and demos followed this one.


This was a month into our healthy eating and exercise regime in advance of the June wedding. Dai ended up dropping a couple of stone. I lost quite a bit of weight and gained a lot of muscle definition thanks to twice weekly personal training sessions.


In typical Ann and Sharon style, we started planning a weekend away and ended up booking a 10 day trip to Bali instead. It was quite a trip – satay, dolphins, pink sunrises, temples, Balinese dance and an earthquake.


We went back to Simon Lewis jewellers who had done such a lovely job last year making my engagement ring to do a full day workshop to make our own wedding bands. I highly recommend this to anyone getting married. The emotions and attachment to your ring(s) are even more – knowing you took this raw metal and turned it into the final, shining piece is really something.


Back to pink hair! My sober hen do – mocktails for me at Dandelyan followed by a whole suckling pig at St John. Lovely day with my lovely friends and family.


The hottest day of the year. We’d been watching the temperature shoot up and up and up over the week before. I’m still not sure I can process just how hot it was or how amazing the day was. To be pampered all morning, get dressed in the most beautiful dress I’ve ever worn, be surrounded by family and friends (and to have one of the most important people in your life photograph the whole thing) – the day was beyond all that we could have hoped and more. We set out to make the whole event very us – small, laid back but elegant and stylish and to bring some happiness to this shitty shitty world of 2017. I’ve never smiled so much. Or cried so much. Or hugged so much. Six months later and we’re still realising just how much happiness we did bring to everyone on the day (and subsequently).


The first time the three of us have gone away together! A long weekend in a very hot Budapest was just what we needed. No phones, no post its, no sharpies, no “W” talk (work). Just connected with friends and spending time together. It was a wonderful weekend and I’m looking forward to repeating it in 2018.


Five years marked with a new band – my only tattoo this year.


Eurostar to Paris for a weekend away with Dai. We explored some parts of Paris I’d never seen before – including a wonderful canal boat tour and the Eiffel Tower light show.


Finished with my client and jetted off to South East Asia for a month long honeymoon. It was a bumpy trip with bad news about dad on our first day, illness and a theft. But on the whole, it was amazing, full of incredible scenery (tea plantations, cloud forests, faded colonial cities and ultra-modern cities) and my favourite food.


The culmination of a year of hard work. LOOK AT THOSE ARMS.


Unexpected winter snow in London – love the contrast of this with the hottest day of the year on this very spot.

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